Sensors and Instrumentation

Undergraduate course, Polytech Lyon, Département GBM, 2019-2023

The aim of the module “Sensors and Instrumentation” is to study the principle of measurement by a sensor (general principles of measurements and sensors, transduction element, conditioning for reading, …).


Theoretically, the Theorical Sessions study different types of conditioning for different sensors (direct measurement, differential measurement), as well as offset or drift compensation to minimize the measurement error. The practical sessions propose the practical study of different sensors (pressure, temperature, weighing and self-heating) as well as the realization of an offset correction or the calculation of the values of the elements of the conditioning circuit to obtain a direct reading.

Each student is then evaluated individually on two sensors. During the years that I taught this subject, I was responsible for setting evaluation exams and correcting papers in this subject.

Theorical Sessions Subjects:

Practical Sessions:



  • First Session : Power supply and multimeter
  • Second Session : Pressure sensor / Temperature sensor
  • Third Session : Temperature sensor / Pressure sensor
  • Evaluation Sessions : Load cell / Self-heating error
  • Datasheets of Instruments