Digital Electronics

Undergraduate course, ISTR Lyon, D.E. Audioprothésiste, 2019-2021

The objective of the digital electronics module for audioprosthesists is to provide them with a base of knowledge in electronics. It follows an analog electronics module where the theoretical bases (voltage, current, etc..) and practices (handling of instruments) are taught.

Aim of Practical work

The practical work in electronics has two objectives:

  • to (re)get to know the instruments and the basic equipment (mini wiring board, passive components, active component, stabilized power supply, multimeter, low frequency function generator, oscilloscope),
  • to realize the wiring of various circuits of digital electronics (digital-analog converter, counter/display, RS asynchronous and D Master-Slave flip-flops).

In this subject, I ensured the implementation of evaluation exams and the correction of the copies during the two years I taught it.

Practical Sessions: