Light Scattering for Material Appearence

Graduate course, Institut d'Optique Graduate School, 2023

The objective of this master course is to present and explain the physical mechanisms of light scattering, as well as modeling methods to predict the propagation of light in scattering media in the radiative transfer approximation.

Biomedical Engineering Project

Graduate course, Polytech Lyon, Département GBM, 2021-2023

The engineering project is an end-of-studies project, carried out individually or in a team, with a strong scientific and technical dimension (development/design of software, electronic cards or systems, embedded systems, etc., with application(s) related to health).

Sensors and Instrumentation

Undergraduate course, Polytech Lyon, Département GBM, 2019-2023

The aim of the module “Sensors and Instrumentation” is to study the principle of measurement by a sensor (general principles of measurements and sensors, transduction element, conditioning for reading, …).

Digital Electronics

Undergraduate course, ISTR Lyon, D.E. Audioprothésiste, 2019-2021

The objective of the digital electronics module for audioprosthesists is to provide them with a base of knowledge in electronics. It follows an analog electronics module where the theoretical bases (voltage, current, etc..) and practices (handling of instruments) are taught.

Basics of Signal Processing

Undergraduate course, ISTR Lyon, D.E. Audioprothésiste, 2019-2022

This module aims to provide students with the theoretical basis of signal processing (discrete/continuous signals, fourier transform, sampling, convolution, correlation).